BGIS Continues to Expand their Energy & Facility Solutions Business with the Acquisition of Cantest Solutions Inc.

Cantest We now offer the most advanced and reliable third-party asset testing, calibration, reporting and management services in the petroleum industry. For more information visit Cantest Solutions Inc.

BGIS Energy & Facility Solutions. has been serving the petroleum handling industry in Ontario since the 1940s. BGIS Energy & Facility Solutions is a compilation of the petroleum service divisions of Serv-A-Station Maintenance and Penny & Casson. Our company name has changed, but our experience and skills have only improved. We pride ourselves in the long-term tenure of our people. Our staff has witnessed many dramatic changes in customers and technology, from local car repair shops with clear vision pumps to modern food service / C-stores with RFID and pay-at-pump fuel dispensers. We have the experience and skills to help you with your equipment concerns.

Let us maximize your profitability by minimizing your equipment downtime. Call 1 800 263-0345